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We hired Jeremiah to paint a blue sky with clouds in our nursery. He was amazing end to end: consulting with us on the design and stylistic elements, color consultation and preparing mood boards for us, and finally doing an amazing job bringing our vision to life. We get nothing but compliments from friends who visit, but most importantly, it’s a tranquil and whimsical room for our baby boy. Hire with confidence. Jeremiah is a gem.

Alex and Diane

Los Feliz, CA

Jeremiah is the best and most diverse decorative painter/mural artist I’ve known as an interior and production designer. His highly skilled, professional and stunning work carefully considers his client’s vision, space and budget. He applies his creative talent to transform any surface, space or object into a vivid piece of art that will enhance the surroundings in any residential or commercial interior/exterior space. It is an honor to recommend the uniquely talented Jeremiah for any small and large scale projects.

Martin Blanken, Los Angeles

Interior and Production Design

As a general contractor, as much as I try to plan and strategize sometimes I find that luck and good fortune shape a successful outcome. I was tasked in finding a way to execute an artisanal painted floor for an ultra high end client and until I found Jeremiah Sullivan of Sistine Painters I had absolutely no one with that skill set in my contact list. With fingers crossed I hired Jeremiah – or ‘Jay’ as he likes to be called – owner of Sistine Painters. Jay entered the scene with enthusiasm, talent, and remarkable skill. He laid out the design to perfection and even added a creative touch of his own that solved a difficult blank spot at the entryway. Somehow Jay found the right tone and hue for the colors and introduced just enough variegation that the end result was truly authentic. And, for a fair and honest price. The owner and designer were thrilled and I looked like a genius. But credit goes to where credit is due and that is to Jay and his rare combination of knowledge and sheer talent. Jay is what is called a ‘find’.

Paul Myers

Myers Construction Specialists

I have worked with Jeremiah on many restaurant/hotel projects from 2004 to present. Notable projects he produced fabulous interior finishes/murals for include: The Heartland Brewery in the Empire State Building-NYC; Eastern Standard-Boston, MA; and several Ruth Chris Steak Houses in California. Most recently, I’ve hired him for mural projects at the Chamberlain Hotel as well as the Le Montrose Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. He is my go to decorative artist and he is incredibly adept in all types of faux finishes including; wood graining, faux marble, Venetian plaster, mica and gold leafing. Jeremiah produces amazing finishes that complement and enhance the overall design theme with very little, if any, editing of the original samples. I have also commissioned several fine art pieces from Jeremiah. I highly recommend Jeremiah for any custom finish project. He is professional, quick and extremely talented.

Janet D.Aprix,

Aelain Studio

Jeremiah did such an amazing job when we hired him to faux some columns and a fireplace to resemble a natural limestone finish that we hired him for 7 additional projects as part of a restoration of our 1930 home built by Paul R. Williams, AIA for Lon Chaney! Among the projects he did for us is our incredible trompe l’oeil living room ceiling, which he also designed. It consists of 18 canvas panels each measuring 10ft by 3ft, which he painted in his studio and then installed. Also, the Art Noveau inspired peacock mural he did for our garden. The jewel-like colors and amazing detail make it the showpiece of our garden. Everything he did for us is just great! He is incredibly versatile, talented and cares deeply about the quality of his work. The collaboration process was great. He is both responsive to input and clear about his convictions.

Jolie J.

Beverly Hills, CA

I met Jeremiah due to the fact that he was working with friends of mine on their home in Beverly Hills. After seeing his work, I’ve since hired him on all my building and renovation projects. What’s so great about Jeremiah is his creative ability and that he’s capable of handling any type of decorative paint work. I’ve hired him to do faux stone and woodgraining to very a elaborate detailed trompe l’oeil ceiling as well as incredibly detailed Empire Style gold leaf ceiling. Both of which he designed! He even hand painted bricks on the outside of a Beverly Hills residence to match the existing brick, as those types of bricks were no longer available for the addition. They match perfectly! Those projects are just a few examples of his work. He can do anything! As a contractor, it’s very important to me to have people to work with who are reliable, knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. Jeremiah is all these things and more. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Alon Futa

Major League Builders

Los Angeles, CA

Jeremiah brought magic into our home and redefined our living spaces. Besides his immense artistic ability, what sets him apart is his ability to really listen to and understand what you are dreaming of, and make it become reality. There is nothing this man can’t do. Making an investment in fine painting means putting trust in that painter. Jeremiah has earned ours.

Brian Rodier

Beverly Hills, CA

I first met Jeremiah as a result of a referral from my friend Rita. I was unhappy with a ceiling mural in my kitchen that was done by someone else. Jeremiah addressed my concerns and added some suggestions. I was very pleased with his work and felt his price was fair. I then had him work on the pool house I was building. He did some faux finishes on inexpressive furniture that I had bought for the pool house and made the pieces look great! I accepted his suggestion for the wall finishes which were a teal and iridescent pearl striation effect. It almost as if the walls were made of water and they looked fabulous! I have since used him in commercial settings as well. He has refreshed tired furniture in a health care facility. More recently, I called him for advice on a skylight area in a lobby. I had no idea what I wanted but Jeremiah had a brilliant idea about how to enhance the area and I let him run with it. Everyone was thrilled! To summarize, Jeremiah is a talented artist, great worker and a really nice guy. Definitely my go to guy for murals, faux finishes and artistic touches!


Beverly Hills, CA

When we bought our beautiful townhouse in Marine Del Rey we loved everything about it except one thing, the kitchen! In fact, it was almost a deal breaker. However, we proceeded in buying the house regardless. We meet Jeremiah through a referral and we’re so glad we did! Jeremiah was able to turn our hideous yellow and gray cabinets into beautiful antique mahogany cabinets. No one suspects that they’re wood grained and not actual antique mahogany. He even painted in the wood pores! By woodgraining our cabinets, he saved us a fortune. Not to mention the time consuming and messy ordeal of having a redo our kitchen. He also did several other projects for us including a beautiful faux stone fireplace that matches the floor marble exactly. Working with Jeremiah was easy, seamless and has proved to be a major blessing as we appreciate his beautiful work everyday.

Dawn Allen

Marina del Rey, CA

Jeremiah is just fabulous! As a designer, it’s crucial to work with people who can bring your vision to life as well as bring their own creativity to a project to make it even more beautiful. Jeremiah’s vast knowledge, artist skill, taste and experience enable him to do both and so much more. He’s also a perfectionist. Working with him is a joy!

Bryce Amato

Amato Design and Development

Jay rocks! I had him paint several pieces of furniture for me. Some of the pieces were brand new and I wanted them to have a metallic industrial look. he listened to me and was able to interpret my vision and produce exactly what I wanted! They look fantastic and I’m very, very pleased with the work he did. I would highly recommend him for any decorative painting you would like to have done. The quality of his work is amazing. He’s truly an artist!

Audrey Scruggs

Los Angeles, CA

I hired Jeremiah through a recommendation. He was absolutely amazing, professional, creative, dedicated and a complete perfectionist. My guest powder room in my best room newly renovated home. I didn’t know what I wanted. However, he was patient and talented enough to work with me to come up with the most outrageous and wonderful concepts. He’s a true artist and I’m going to use him for every room in my house. I recommend him if you want something unique and spectacular!

R. Cesucci

Bevely Hills, CA

Working with Jeremiah has been a wonderful experience. My client wanted to paint her old wood floors in a stunning Malibu New England style estate. The floors were not perfect and I wasn’t sure they could be salvaged. Not only is Jeremiah an amazing artist he is also a technical genius. He knew exactly what needed to be done to treat, paint and seal the floors! As an artist he collaborated with everyone on the team and brought amazing concepts to the table. The floors are the main attraction in the room. I can’t wait to work with him again.

Kim Daniels
BA Architecture
Furniture Designer and Interiors
Los Angeles, CA

Jeremiah is the consummate decorative artist! I’ve hired him to work on my own home, as well as clients. Everyone loves his work and personality! Besides being incredibly talented, he’s a great guy!

Ed Webb

Interior Designer

San Diego, CA

Jeremiah and I met as we were working on a large project in Boston together. Since his move to Los Angeles, I’ve brought him in on several additional projects here. With limited time and a lot of fine detail required, Jeremiah sailed happily through the projects with a great sense of ease and professionalism. I have recommended him on additional projects where he always shows the same consistent attitude. His ability to create masterful artworks is amazing. He can paint ANYTHING!

Laurie Crogan

Inlay Floor

Los Ageles, CA